Bagian Bahasa Al-Multazam

Speaking Class; Be A Newscaster

Bagian Bahasa Pondok Pesantren Al Multazam (11-02-202)

learning English, Students should be exposed into various useful strategies in which enable them to develop n improve their ability. One of the strategies that can be worth a try especially in raising the students' speaking proficiency is applying a news reporting technique.

On Friday/Februari 11, 2022 Twelfth grade students of Al-multazam were involved in a speaking class where They should try to deliver a news as if They were newscasters. They were first trained on how to open n close a news program then challenged to present it in front of others.

The 12th grade students looked interested in this speaking class since it's a new experience and challenge for them. Finally, this activity will not only improve their self confidence in speaking English but also their public speaking skill.

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